Mathias Verraes: Patterns for Decoupling in Distributed Systems: Domain Query - 2019-05-09(木) 07:00:02

Domain Query

Replace Free Queries with Domain Queries to decouple from knowledge of the server’s internals.


The word query is usually associated with database queries. There are however other ways we can query a system that we don’t perceive as a database. REST and GraphQL...

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Nasamuffin’s Geocities Page: Read-Writable Regular Expressions - 2019-05-09(木) 07:00:02

Regex is great, right? It’s concise, it’s precise, and the process of developing an expression that works just right is a hell of a lot of fun. Until you submit a patch to your coworkers with your beautiful expression, and they leave you comments like,

“How does this regex work?...

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Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Matthew Weier O’Phinney - 2019-05-09(木) 07:00:01


Show Notes The Linux Foundation forms new Laminas project to support continued growth of Zend Framework and PHP tooling From Zend to Laminas Laminas Swoole – Production-Grade Async programming Framework for PHP


This episode is sponsored by...

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symfony Project Blog: SymfonyLive London 2019: meet the first selected speakers! - 2019-05-09(木) 07:00:01

SymfonyLive London 2019 is coming on September 12th and 13th. This year, we organize the 8th edition of the conference! Join us at the only Symfony conference in the UK for 2 days of Symfony downtown London:

Pre-conference workshop day on September 12th. Workshops topics will be announced soo...

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Tomáš Votruba Blog: End of - 2019-05-09(木) 07:00:01

I launched in June 2017, just 6 months after release of PHP 7.1. In those times nobody was sure what version to require - 7.1? 7.0? Or wait for 7.2?

Future is now. There is no need for the initiative now and it's time to let it go.

How much did it cost? What was the effect? ...

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Laravel News: Laravel 5.8.16 Adds New Migration Events - 2019-05-09(木) 07:00:01
The Laravel team released Laravel v5.8.16 yesterday with new migration events and adds the ‘Renderable’ contract to the MailMessage class. Visit Laravel News for the full post. The post Laravel 5.8.16 Adds New Migration ...
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phpday 2019 - 2019-05-08(水) 16:28:01
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Interview with Michael Moussa

planet PHP - 2019-05-08(水) 07:38:00
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424 Failed Dependency

planet PHP - 2019-05-08(水) 00:00:00

The 424 Failed Dependency status-code does not appear in the base HTTP specification, but is part of WebDAV specification, which is an extension to HTTP.

WebDAV has a concept of ‘properties’ that are associated with resources. They are a little bit like extended file attributes, which is a feature on many modern filesystems

WebDAV uses the PROPPATCH HTTP method to update these. Many can be updated in 1 single HTTP request.

Generally HTTP requests are ‘all or nothing’. In other words, they should either completely succeed or completely fail.

WebDAV uses HTTP status codes in response bodies to indicate if a property update was successful or not. If a PROPPATCH was issued, and one property update failed (with for example 403 Forbidden) then automatically every other property update will also fail with 424 Failed Dependency.

424 Failed Dependency will therefore never appear on a HTTP response status line, and only ever in HTTP response bodies that have a 207 Multi-Status response code.

Example PROPPATCH /folder HTTP/1.1 Host: Content-Type: application/xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <d:propertyupdate xmlns:d="DAV:"> <d:set> <d:prop> <d:getcontentlength>1</d:getcontentlength> <d:displayname>Evert</d:displayname> </d:prop> </d:set> </d:propertyupdate>


HTTP/1.1 207 Multi-Status Content-Type: application/xml Content-Length: xxxx <?xml version="1.0"?> <d:multistatus xmlns:d="DAV:"> <d:response> <d:href>/folders</d:href> <d:propstat> <d:prop><d:displayname/></d:prop> <d:status>HTTP/1.1 424 Failed Dependency</d:status> </d:propstat> <d:propstat> <d:prop><d:getcontentlength /></d:prop> <d:status>HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden</d:status> </d:propstat> </d:response> </d:multistatus>

The above response indicates that getcontentlength was not allowed to be updated, and this caused the update to displayname to fail with 424.

Usage on the web

This HTTP status code should probably not be used outside of WebDAV

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Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Mario Peshev - 2019-05-07(火) 23:30:02


Show Notes 126 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur: The Entrepreneurship Fad and the Dark Side of Going Solo


This episode is sponsored by

The post Interview with Mario Peshev appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

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PHP Town Hall: Episode 64: Symfony Round Up - 2019-05-07(火) 23:30:02

Matt Trask and Amanda Folson are joined by Ryan Weaver to take a look at the landscape of the Symfony Ecosystem.

They discuss a few new packages from the Symfony team such as Mailer, HTTP Interface, API Platform as well as discussing the EU’s funding of a 48 hour hackathon that Ryan woke up ...

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symfony Project Blog: New in Symfony 4.3: Mime component - 2019-05-07(火) 23:30:02
Contributed by Fabien Potencier in #30416.

Symfony provides more than 60 decoupled components to solve common needs of web and console applications. New Symfony versions usually introduce new com...

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Laravel News: A New Job-based Retry Delay Comes to Laravel 5.8.14 - 2019-05-07(火) 23:00:02
Laravel 5.8.14 is out with a job-based retry delay feature. Visit Laravel News for the full post. The post A New Job-based Retry Delay Comes to Laravel 5.8.14 appeared first on Laravel News.
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Interview with Michael Moussa

planet PHP - 2019-05-07(火) 22:08:00
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Xdebug Update: April 2019

planet PHP - 2019-05-07(火) 17:17:00
Xdebug Update: April 2019
London, UK Tuesday, May 7th 2019, 09:17 BST

This is another of the monthly update reports in which I explain what happened with Xdebug development in this past month. It will be published on the first Tuesday after the 5th of each month. Patreon supporters will get it earlier, on the first of each month. You can become a patron here to support my work on Xdebug. More supporters, means that I can dedicate more of my time to improving Xdebug.

In April, I worked on the following things:

2.7.1 Release

The 2.7.1 release came just at the start of the month, and addressed three bugs:

  • Issue #1641: Performance degradation with getpid syscall, contributed by Kees Hoekzema.

  • Issue #1646: Missing newline in error message.

  • Issue #1647: Memory corruption when a conditional breakpoint is used.

The second bug in the list was more than just a missing newline. Xdebug's handling of connections that were aborted by the IDE was not as good as they could be. For this to be tested, I updated the test harness for remote debugger tests to be able to test for stdout and stderr as well.

I would recommend that everybody to update to this version as the last of these bugs can cause PHP with Xdebug to crash.


Since the Xdebug 2.7.1 release I have worked on a few outstanding bugs that did not make the earlier 2.7 releases.

The remote step debugger allows you to change a variable's value through an IDE. Previously, this would use PHP's internal eval functionality to set the value, except in the cases where the IDE would also associate a new type with the value. I finally switched all code paths of setting new values to use eval. Due to changes introduced in PHP 7, this is now the only reliable way of doing this.

The second issue (#1656) fixes an issue with the step debugger's connect-back functionality. This functionality looks at HTTP headers to find out which IP address to connect to. In some cases, a proxy might inject a second IP address, and Xdebug could not handle this. I improved upon a prototype patch by Florian Dorn to make Xdebug now pick the first IP address in the header that it finds.

Through the implementation of issue (#1615), Xdebug now will turn off Zend OPcache's optimiser when the step debugger is active. The optimiser is really good making crappy code run fast, but it also optimises things away that normal users wouldn't expect, and that then confuses developers single-stepping through their code. Which brings me onto the last point of this update:

Resolving Breakpoints

In last month's update I introduced a new feature that Jetbrains is sponsoring. This issue, #1388: Support 'resolved' flag for breakpoints, is now implemented pending additional testing with a fresh (and experimental) build of PhpStorm. As part of the testing I'm interested in knowing how many breakpoints are usually in use in PhpStorm projects. I would be interested in knowing how many breakpoints, and which types of breakpoints (location, exception), your project has defined. Please leave a note in the comment section if you care to help me out with this.


I have also been continuing with the PHP Internals News podcast. This is a weekly podcast where in 15-30 minutes I discuss new proposed features to the PHP language

Truncated by Planet PHP, read more at the original (another 633 bytes)

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Alejandro Celaya | Blog: Considerations to properly use open source software projects - 2019-05-07(火) 01:00:01

I've been wanting to write this article for a while, but it is a subject complex to approach.

Lately I've had some "conflicts" with users in some of the open source software (OSS) projects I maintain, and I have also seen some of the people I follow on Twitter dealing with the same.

Because of...

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Laravel News: Laravel Google Translate - 2019-05-07(火) 01:00:01
Laravel Google Translate is a package that provides an artisan console command to translate your localization files with the Google’s translation API. Visit Laravel News for the full post. The post Laravel Google Translate ap...
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Technical Thoughts, Tutorials, and Musings: PSR-14: Example - Delayed Events, Queues, and Asynchronicity - 2019-05-07(火) 01:00:01

PSR-14: Example - Delayed Events, Queues, and Asynchronicity

One of the long-running debates while designing PSR-14 was how to handle events that were inherently mono-directional. Often, a library will trigger an Event that is, from its point of view, entirely informational. The Eve...
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