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php[world] 2019 Call for Speakers

2019-05-10(金) 22:18:25
カテゴリー: php

phpday 2019

2019-05-08(水) 16:28:01
カテゴリー: php

PHP 7.1.29 Released

2019-05-03(金) 15:05:20
カテゴリー: php

PHP 7.2.18 Released

2019-05-02(木) 18:47:58
カテゴリー: php

PHP 7.3.5 Release Announcement

2019-05-02(木) 17:27:19
カテゴリー: php

CoderCruise 2019

2019-04-17(水) 03:59:25
カテゴリー: php

PHP 7.1.28 Released

2019-04-05(金) 01:56:38
カテゴリー: php

PHP 7.2.17 Release Announcement

2019-04-04(木) 23:17:48
カテゴリー: php

PHP 7.3.4 Release Announcement

2019-04-04(木) 21:02:16
カテゴリー: php

PHPConf.Asia 2019

2019-04-04(木) 13:51:44
カテゴリー: php

SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019

2019-04-02(火) 19:28:14

Symfony is proud to organize the seventh edition of the SymfonyCon, the international Symfony conference. This year, we decided to bring the entire community to the Netherlands and discover the amazing city of Amsterdam. If you like Symfony and share fun with professionals, this is where you want to be on November!

We look forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. Join us for talks, workshops, discussions and other serious work around Symfony and its environment. And of course, celebrate the community reunion!

SymfonyCon Amsterdam is a 5-day event from November 19th to November 23rd:

Two-day workshop: Tuesday, November 19th and Wednesday, November 20th

Two-day conference: Thursday, November 21st and Friday, November 22nd

One hackday: Saturday, November 23rd

カテゴリー: php

SymfonyLive Berlin 2019

2019-04-02(火) 19:24:43
カテゴリー: php

SymfonyLive London 2019

2019-04-02(火) 19:23:10
カテゴリー: php

SymfonyLive Warszawa 2019

2019-04-02(火) 19:21:12
カテゴリー: php

SymfonyLive São Paulo 2019

2019-04-02(火) 19:13:07
カテゴリー: php

SymfonyLive Tunis 2019

2019-04-02(火) 19:03:21
カテゴリー: php

Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference

2019-03-24(日) 08:55:18
カテゴリー: php

PHPerKaigi 2019

2019-03-13(水) 17:01:54
カテゴリー: php

PHP Russia 2019

2019-03-13(水) 01:51:35
カテゴリー: php

Web Summer Camp 2019

2019-03-12(火) 20:48:51
カテゴリー: php