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PHP Town Hall: Episode 68: Behind the Facade

2019-09-06(金) 23:30:02

Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds are joined by Taylor Otwell to discuss what’s new with Laravel, the business side of things, and what it’s like organizing a huge conference.


Laravel Forge Vapor Ignition

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PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor: PHP 7.4.0RC1 Released!

2019-09-06(金) 01:30:01

The PHP team is glad to announce the first release candidate of PHP 7.4: PHP 7.4.0RC1. This continues the PHP 7.4 release cycle, the rough outline of which is specified in the PHP Wiki. Please DO NOT use this version in production, it is an early test version. For source downloads of PHP 7.4.0RC1 pl...

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Derick Rethans: PHP Internals News: Episode 26: Making Symfony ready for PHP 7.4

2019-09-06(金) 00:00:02
PHP Internals News: Episode 26: Making Symfony ready for PHP 7.4 London, UK Thursday, September 5th 2019, 09:26 BST In this episode of "PHP Internals News" I chat with Nicolas Grekas (Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Symfony Connect) about how th...
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Akra's DevNotes: Receiving input into a Slim 4 application

2019-09-05(木) 05:30:02

A Slim 4 (and Slim 3) application receives data from three places: Any query parameters on the URL (the key-value pairs after the ?) The HTTP message's body (usually for POST and PUT) messages Parameters in the URL (such as the 3 in Within the application, these are a...

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PHP – Code Wall: How To Log Like A Pro With Laravel & LogViewer

2019-09-04(水) 05:00:01

Laravel ships with a logging system that is easily utilized, these logs end up .txt log files within your project. Whilst in the text files, they are pretty useless and boring, but if you add a lovely little plugin named LogViewer, things become pretty awesome. LogView works with Laravel 5.0 all the...

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Laravel News: Laravel 6 Is Now Released

2019-09-04(水) 02:30:02
The Laravel team is proud to announce the release of Laravel 6 and it’s now available to everyone. The post Laravel 6 Is Now Released appeared first on Laravel News. Join the Laravel Newsletter to get Laravel articles like th...
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Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Roy Sivan

2019-09-04(水) 00:00:02

Show Notes Roy Sivan's web site


This episode is sponsored by Using the WordPress REST API

The post Interview with Roy Sivan appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

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Martin Hujer blog: How to use Data Providers in PHPUnit

2019-09-03(火) 23:00:02

I think that even if you are already using Data Providers, you will find some of those tips useful.

Data Providers are a handy feature of PHPUnit which allows you to run the same test with different inputs and expected results. This is useful when you are writing some text filtering, transf...

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PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor: PHP 7.3.9 Release Announcement

2019-08-30(金) 06:30:02

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.3.9. This is a security release which also contains several bug fixes.All PHP 7.3 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.For source downloads of PHP 7.3.9 please visit our downloads page, Windows source and binaries can ...

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Musings, ninja ones: Bearings

2019-08-30(金) 04:00:02

Fig 1. Some BearingsThere is a lot of talk about the direction of PHP as a language, there have been discussions on internals and open letters from community bloggers ...I think, actually, there is rather a lot of confusion in the air, and so I'm seeking to cleanse that air with this post.FactionsA ...

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Derick Rethans: PHP Internals News: Episode 25: Security Management

2019-08-30(金) 00:00:03
PHP Internals News: Episode 25: Security Management London, UK Thursday, August 29th 2019, 09:25 BST This episode of "PHP Internals News" is the second and last part of a longer conversation that I had with Stanislav Malyshev (GitHub, Linke...
カテゴリー: php re: re: A letter to the PHP team

2019-08-29(木) 23:00:02

Thanks you Joe for taking the time to reply to my letter, I really appreciate it! I'll be happy to reply here. Your reply started by addressing the P++ shenanigans:

A lot of the discussion is based on an assertion made during the P++ discussion that there are two camps of developers

As a matt...

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Pine: Creating the @route Blade Directive

2019-08-29(木) 01:00:02

Laravel offers a bunch of useful and handy directives that we can use in our templates. But easily, we can face a situation that we repeat some code in our blade files. In this case, it’s possible that we can refactor some code to its own directive.

Wrapping Helpers in Directives Laravel of...

カテゴリー: php A letter to the PHP team

2019-08-29(木) 00:00:03

To whomever contributes to PHP, from a userland developer. Let me start by thanking those who actively work on the PHP project. Those who contribute to the core, extensions, maintain the docs or vote on RFCs: thank you for a language that I can use every day both in my professional and personal lif...

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Blog of Leonid Mamchenkov: PHP vs P++

2019-08-28(水) 06:00:02

If you haven’t heard the news yet and are wondering what the heck P++ is, here’s a quick update for you. There’s been some noise around the idea of creating a separate dialect of PHP, code-named P++. The idea is an attempt to find a compromise between two different schools of though...

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Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Olivia Bisset

2019-08-28(水) 05:00:02

Show Notes Olivia Bisset's Blog How Young People Can Build Big Ideas Using WordPress


This episode is sponsored by Using the WordPress REST API

The post Interview with Olivia Bisset appeared first on Voices of the ElePH...

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Webslesson: What Every PHP Developer Needs to Know About Cyber Security

2019-08-28(水) 04:00:02

PHP which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor is a general-purpose programming language. According to W3techs Web Technology Surveys, at least 79% of websites of the web use PHP as the server-side programming language. In fact, it is way past Java, Ruby, and ASP.NET in market position as well. Althoug...

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